I Don't Know

1998 - 2010

I don't know how I've been able to stand the distance

Or how I've been able to stand myself

I don't know what you're feeling

But I'm more than clear on how you felt

I don't know who's the bigger coward

Or what was keepin our mouths dry

I don't know what was goin through my mind

But it was you I felt inside


I don't know who left who

But I know that I love you

Never thought I'd miss you this much

Wishin and hopin just ain't enough

I don't know who said what

But I know that I won't give up

I don't have a clue what I'm gonna do

But I know I wanna do it with you

I don't know why I pushed myself away

Or why I looked the other way

I know it doesn't make sense

And wantin to turn back time won't make any difference

I can't count all the nightmares I've been through

Maybe if I had told the truth

I would have found my dream come true


I couldn't tell you what I was thinking at the time

Or what I'm planning on doin to make it right

I couldn't tell you exactly what I want

But I know what I need...

(I don't know who left who

But I know that I love you)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written July 12, 2004

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