1998 - 2010

I don't care for what

You have to say

Don't desecrate my pain

As if it's not the same

Thinking I don't know life

Sayin I haven't been there

But I've been through my share

Just to make it clear

I'll make a promise to me

To remember thirteen

The stupid things I've said

Crazy things I've done

And the betrayal by the ones

Who were close to me

Its all made me strong

For when I turn twenty-one

I'll remember falling in love

At age fifteen

Smiles on my face

Bad dreams when I sleep

Depression that ran like a river

In my veins

And a broken heart

At age sixteen

You say you've been there

But you don't compare

I'll remember

The day I wanted to die

The night I wanted to live

The time I said "I'll survive"

And the moment I did

Could this truly mean

I've been places you've never seen

What do I know?

I'm almost seventeen.

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Written May 27, 2004

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