Simple Thing

1998 - 2010


There are a couple things I don't get

The way you turn heard playin innocent

Don't take me for crazy, boy, I'm not blind

But if you won't step up you're wasting your time

I'm not playing hard to get

I'm not playing you like a fool

All you gotta do is say


(Hey) I wanna know you

(Cause) I think I want you

(And) You've got everything that I need

(Babe) Just let me show you

(That) I think I love you

(Uh-Huh) I wanna be your everything

(Boy) It's a simple thing


Don't make it seem so card cause it's easy

Take a dep breath and come talk to me

I know the line works both ways

And I'm not saying that I'm not to blame

You gotta start somewhere

Just stand up and say


yeah 3x


Times almost up you gotta let me know

Quit takin your time, movin so slow

I'll move on, you'll be gone

And I won't feel guilty cause you didn't say

(I wanna know you)

That's all you gotta do

(I think I want you)

Cause I feel the same way too

(I think I love you)

Stand up boy be a man

Meet me half way as fast as you can

CHORUS till fade

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written March 26, 2004

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