1998 - 2010

Young boy on the screen

He's barely eighteen

Over there fightin war

And ain't got a clue what he's fightin for

And his momma sits all alone

Waitin for her son to come home

And she cries at night to see her son alive

She wants what he wants; to be a U.S. hero

Instead the only honor he got was at his own funeral

What did he get for it all

His name on a wall and engraved on a cross

And instead of curing the tears on her face

They send another baby to take his place

This one is someone's daughter

Some little girl's mother

And some man's wife

Forget it!

Now she's a member of the front line

And for her bravery all she recieves

Are bad memories and a wound so deep

No one can image the things she's seen

All that pain and death

And hatin tomorrow cause it ain't over yet

Now someone back home feels left behind

Lost and confused

Hopin their love one survives

Forget all about pride

They just wanna see their






Is it over yet?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written April 30, 2004

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