Take me There

1998 - 2010

Need you to be my fix

Need you to be my drug

Need you to take me there

When I'm ready to go

When it's to dark to see

And too cold breathe

i can be your heat

With you inside of me

I can be your lungs

Take my breath away

Boy come to me

And never let me go

Address my every desire

Indulge my fantasy

Make me scream your name

Your sweet voice in my ear

Hard hands on my skin

Fingers through my hair

I'll take you in like air

Let me inhale your scent

Let me get off your drive

Rock me like a storm

Then I'll beg for more

Just turn on the lights

And hold me tight

Whisper in my ear

"Girl I'll take you there!"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written February 4, 2004

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