Searching For Home

1998 - 2010

It’s like living in the eyes of a familiar stranger

The same bed I used before isn’t soft like a newborn skin

But it’s hard like the plot of a century old grave

The lamp seems dimmer with a brand new bulb

Time seems slower when each second goes by

I see the same stars through my bedroom window

But they don’t shine as bright as they used to

And home is more than just a skip away

Far Far Away feels like jumping galaxies

Or skipping night and day and hope you see the sun

It’s like freezing cold on the first day of summer

And burning hot in late December

Emotionally twisted and mentally unbalanced

Could home be outside my bedroom window

The air I take in is thinner than before

Leaving me with no real room to breathe

My dreams seem to be brighter than before

And the sound has gotten more intense

GREAT, more reason not to sleep at night

The sweet songs of the evening breeze can’t put me to rest

Living before dawn at four am

If only tomorrow could be yesterday

And I could wish my way home

The presence of the holiday couldn’t make me smile

Or the joy of starting a brand new year

A new beginning in this new house

If only home were outside my bedroom window

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written Late-Late December 2003

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