Sad Morning

1998 - 2010

They’re taking me far away, far away from pleasure

This place I hate is just a holy hell adventure

The hidden walls of pain became the secret unknown

Why can’t I stay in the darkness I call home

It hit me harder than a rock at full speed

And dreams so confusing no kinesis could read

I bowed me head a tear slid down as I went to sleep

For the first time in forever I cried for me.

I was riding in the morning night

Watching the sun peak up on the horizon line

Slowly, slowly I bowed my head down

And I painfully looked to the ground

A frown on my face but a smile in my soul

Still I felt in my heart this endless hole

Nonetheless I was happier than before

As my tears gently fell down to the floor

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written December 6, 2003

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