Road To Freedom

1998 - 2010

Hello Stranger

You travelin’ too

I know your pain

I feel it too

The road to freedom

A million miles

It’ll take a while,

I’m halfway there

You’ve heard the lies?

I’ve heard them too

Did you see the light?

I didn’t either

You read the book?

I read some of it

Do you stay awake?

Sometimes I do

Do you believe any of it?

That’s what I thought

Come with me stranger

Travel with me

Down the road to freedom

Did they give you the speech?

I got it too

Talk to the messenger?

I almost did

Pain at school?

I hear you loud and clear

Offensive plays?

I’ve saw that one

Did you ignore it?

I know it’s hard

Come with me stranger

We’ll walk together

Down the road to freedom

How long have you been?

I’m about the same

You ready to fight?

I’ve got my sword

Afraid are you?

I know, me too

Brave are you?

Of course I am

Are you ready to face it?

We’ll go together

Come with me stranger

Don’t be afraid

Come walk with me

We’ll travel together

Down the million mile road

The road to freedom

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