Dear Dad (New Years Resolution)

1998 - 2010

Dear Dad,

If I can have anything

To make my year complete

It would be to see you again

The hole inside of me

Not to give you all my love

Or for a warm embrace

But to scream at you for leaving me

And leaving them to stay

They say you’re always with me

Deep down I know they lie

Cause if you’re really here with me

I wouldn’t feel this way inside

I know there’s no heaven for you

Cause hell should be your home

Cause you left me in the dark

In a corner all alone

If only you could see your daughter cry

If only you could understand

If only you could just picture

My heart like grains of sand

The skeletons in my closet are begging

And I’m alone in the dark

I can’t go near them because of my pride

My life just seems so far

I can never say I love you

Because I never will

The thought of you saying you do

The thought just makes me ill

You’ve failed me as a father

And I’ll hate you for as long as I live

Sometimes I’m glad you’re dead

It’s the best you ever did

Sometimes I wish you were here with me

Cause I don’t have anyone else

You’re the one who understands these things

Understand the way I felt

No one here to walk me down the aisle

No one here to give me away

No one to protect me from the boys

No one to brighten a day

If you’ve left me anything to live with

You’ve left me pain and sorrow

If you could take one thing from me

You can take a Tomorrow


your daughter

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To my father whom I miss so much. [/sarcasm]

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