No Smiles on Christmas

1998 - 2010

I’m sorry for not smiling on Christmas Day

Don’t think I’m not grateful for all I’ve received

It’s all cause you’re takin my life away

And the song of the homeless man I sing

I can’t help but remember those happy times

At places where I felt I belonged

All the people that entered my life

Their love had kept strong

Bright blue diamonds fell from my eyes

To hear I was leaving my home sweet home

Thoughts of skipping town had crossed my mind

Determined to make it on my own

Many times I neared the end of my line

Only to bounce back to my day lit grave

Emotions played circles in my mind

And you feel the nerve to tell me I’m brave.

I’m waiting for the moment when it’s time to go

When I have to give my hugs and say goodbye

Dreams will be memories I used to know

And a miracle if I survive

But when I return to my home sweet home

I’ll have a smile on my face like before

No help from you I’ll do it on my own

And I won’t feel this way anymore

But still people don’t understand

They think only of themselves

I feel like I’m holding my soul in my hands

I’d rather be closing the door to hell

But here I sit staring at the floor

Wishing this nightmare away

But I’m no different than I was before

Feeling betrayed on Christmas Day

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