Could You Be

1998 - 2010

You’re a Mystery to me

And I’m curious to know

Who you are and who you wanna be

I wonder at night, this feeling inside

I have so many things on my mind

When you look at me

Could it possibly be my true self

Can you tell me please

What you want from me

Is it me the mystery instead

I’ve got pain and love stuck in my heart

And you’re the one who can make it ok

I’ve got so much to say

Don’t like feelin this way

And I’m fighting these feelings so hard

Could you be the one who will make it alright

Are you the one who helps me sleep at night

Why are you always here by my side

Can you make the pain flash outta sight

Could you possibly be the one made for me

Who’s warmth that I seek crazy I might be

Are you my window to reality out of

Fantasy where I need to be

Could you be here made just for me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written March 26, 2003

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