No One Can See

1998 - 2010

Here's exactly what I propose:

Commit the secret no one knows.

Do the deed in the dark,

So no one else can see.

Not by match or candlelight...

No! No one else can see!

I can feel it in your your touch,

The sin that seeps like sweaty skin.

A soul can't speak what it can't see.

So no one has to see.

The truth in every word I breathe.

No! No one has to see!

Run your fingers down my skin,

Through my cotton uniform.

Do that thing you do again,

(Quick before your wife comes in)

So she won't have to see!

I swear, she'll never know its me...

No! She won't have to see!

Here's directions to my place,

Where I can take your breath away.

Would she cry if she could see...

Please say you'll never leave!

I'll do the creep if you stay with me!

Please! Say you'll never leave!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written May 13, 2008

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