Gone Forever

1998 - 2010

When he left me, that winter night

There was no hope for me

That I’d ever see that face again

His life I’d never see.

He left me something so bizarre.

It’s really hard to believe.

The most beautiful thing on earth

Was something he did conceive.

When he left my world forever

It’s existence faded away.

To everyone it’s just a joke

But in my mind it’s here to stay.

It’s really real; I know it’s real.

The mysterious wonder you fear.

But when he left my life forever,

The magic disappeared.

A home fit for a king and queen,

A beauty like no other.

A gigantic scene that we passed by

A moment we shared together.

Maybe it’s just my imagination,

A dream made up in my head.

But it really could be a factual thing

An authentic place instead.

The notion that I have of it

It’s held here way up high.

And though he’s gone away forever,

The image will never die.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written Spring 2001

for my father

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