Conner's House

1998 - 2010

Famous Old Man Conner lives all alone

Never a happier soul

He makes wine from the rich grapes

Grown in the south of France,

In Northern California,

In His own backyard

Tangled in the grape vines

Is the house that he lives in

The place where he seldom

Retires for the night

The rooms are empty

Except for the dust on the carpet

The only thing that seems to be alive

But Conner's never there

To tend to his land

He's always travelin

He wants to see the world

Once in a while he'll stop by

And stay the night

He says, "I'm sure the house

Will be fine while I'm gone."

The walls need paintin

The counters need scrubin

The fruit needs picken

And the refridgerator's bare

Abandoned all alone

This old man's home

He left no one to tend

To it's care

the children across the road

Seem so confused

Cause the lights seem to

Shine bright on their own

If the house had a soul

It'd feel all alone

In it's own black hole;

This old man's home

Soon, very soon, the house is gonna fall

And old man Conner won't be there

To pick up the pieces

Everything he worked for

Like the house it will go

No one to save the soul

Of this old man's home

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 2/9/04

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