In my mind time has barely passed, but one look in the mirror I am betrayed through the glass.

All that once mattered has faded away, I now dream of simplicity and to just live to see another day.

Where once was passion, fire and rage yeilds only a struggle  to succeed before age.

The bar has been adjusted, which secretly is quite sad, as I squint to focus on what is not entirely bad.

Nonetheless, the sun will rise on another day, where happiness could be hiding merely hours away.

Once these thoughts only haunted me at night, however, these days there's always a fight.

Some I long to remember, but most to forget, no matter what they all serve my path to beset. 

So, I imagine my life sequestered from the fact,  that the choices of my past have put me where I am at.

I cling to the hope, that hope still exists, so dreams can be reached, and all is not lost, my sanity having paid the ultimate cost.



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