Dirty pleasures

Dim the lights
Whisper in my ears all night.
Hands on my breast 
Tingle me all the way down
Make my legs feel weak
Touch me , like I never been touched
Make me grasp,  while  you suck  upon my ear
Tease me with your tongue, 
Seduce and tear my clothes apart. Unbutton and unzip  your trousers and watch me bite the head of your hard dick. through your underwear. With my hair in your hands firmly. I take out your dick and start to lick it. Massaging the head of your dick with my cold little slutty mouth. While I rub my clint . While I watch you moan  and groan so loud because it feels so good. while I finish sucking the tip of your cock, I whisper Papi fuck me like a whore. Lift me up and throw me on the bed ,Spread my legs apart , tie my hands together, make me feel like a prisoner. I'm a slave for your pleasure. Direct me ,I can  feel your warmth your aching for me.  You pull my hair back and ask. is this how you like it ?  press your cock deep into my Asian persuasion pussy. While I Thump and humpand grind on your property, the key of my pleasure,  the key of my pussy. I'm craving for your explosion ,upon me ,  let ur inner soul thrust in me, sweet pleasure , heart beat rising, breathing heavily, seduction at its finest. The taste is so sweet . I upon you. sweetness upon sweetness.With the sounds of pleasure filling the room, echoing  " Oh..oh ...umm yess ...yes...YES. .YESSSSSS"

Dirty pleasures.