My father's house


My father’s house


My father is a creative and artistic person. Actually, he is a doctor, but he always is  doing something for his home. In his free time,  he has many jobs like carpenter, blacksmith, mason, etc . The fact is that he had a project in mind “Build his own house”. He started to  build the house since 1990.  At the beginning he started with one floor. It suppose to be a clinic.. The first floor  has a reception and 3 rooms with desks and beds for the patients and two bathrooms. In the backyard, he built a kitchen, a room with three floors bed, but still is a little garden there. Five years later, he built the second floor in both sides, I mean, on the clinic, and on the kitchen and room.. In the second floor, he design a kind of appartment with three bedrooms, living room, and two bathrooms, but he kept in mind to build the third floor. Three years ago, in 2010. Finally, he decided to build the 3erd floor, with the idea to have a Little business there. Suddenly, one person from the government went to tell him that he was not allowed to construct  the 3rd floor. He continued building the 3erd floor and at the end of this episode, he paid a fee. On the top of the building, there is a kind of big balcony, The funny thing is that the house is not in a mountain or in a high part of the city, so he can not see a lot., maybe just one mile When my brothers and I were younger, we often bothered my father with his creation, because we made us to spend time there, when we preferred to go somewhere else with our friends. Now, we are adults, and we realized that this house is like a family bond because when we visit our hometown we always go there and have a family breakfast. We always talk about the house, and how my father built it, without any proffessional help (Just masons), we have a great time with his inventions. Nowadays, my fahter spend a lot of time there, doing something new, putting the thing a new places. He cleans his mind there.

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