You Were Made By An Angel

In Dedication
Your whole body was more than likely sculpted by an angel. Breathed into life from the bottom of their wings. And clothed in the best that they could bestow upon a human. 
And if I had to but name the angel that God made in which in turn created you, I would only need one guess. 
You lit up my world like the forth of July, as soon as the sky darkened honey there were fireworks. 
The rainbow of your smile kept me from seeing the darkness in your eyes. 
You sparkled like diamonds and were mysterious and so knowing compared to me who knew so much about words and literature and nothing of love and physical relationships.
You seemed heaven-sent and you were, but I didn't realize that I was just a little pit stop before you made your full descent from heaven into the depth of Hell to probably learn more tricks from your master. 
You see, no one teaches kids about love, or how to catch red flags in relationships when they are smothered in "I love you's" No one teaches kids that broken glass when light hits it looks like diamonds but will cut you when you try to grab it and will slip I between your fingers and get you where you are soft no matter how gently you cradle it. 
We teach children not to step in the pretty rainbows on the asphalt in parking lots but won't tell you because it isn't about not ruining something beautiful but because it is scum and will stain your favorite shoes and clothes am your life. No one tells you why it's pretty just to leave it alone. 
And the forth of July is fine and all when you are a patriotic American. But when the day is over you have to look at yourself like your country and your choices like your government and realize which one makes you least proud to be yourself.
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