You Are Like the Fruit of Temptation

You are like the fruit of temptation
Pulling me slowly in to desperation
Feeding my most inner desire
Lighting that forgotten fire
Wanting to caress your skin
Knowing that is where it begins
Wanting to feel your lips on mine
Waiting for you to cross that line.

You are like the fruit of temptation
Being around you takes caution
Your body against mine is more than I can take
Self-control only bends so much before it breaks
Wishing I could have you more than I do
Craving to give all of myself to you
Blood rushes to my cheeks, causing me to blush
Knowing it is my heart that will end up crushed.

You are like the fruit of temptation
With your own road of destination
Leading me into the forbidden side
Leaving my innocence far behind
Holding you for the moment that feels right
With your arms around me holding tight
All control is lost, when our bodies become one
Leaving my soul unraveled and coming undone.

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