Love & Despair

I accepted you for who you are...

Knowing that you always fooling me around.

Great deeds,

You perform everything so real

While you hated all my qualms.

Don't know how you absorb

Those strange nuisances

When rejection comes with admonition.

In your hands with punishment  

I see.

That you would never set me free

Without a damage in connection.

Not until you get another prey for

And make all repeated mechanisms.

Aren't you glad my love



Being fine before me

And stumping from behind

For what my love

I really don't know where it leads

My heart is driving me negatively

But still believe and understand

Everything for you

One thing that I do not know

If I could still go on with all the lies

With  all the promises unfolded

Do not tear me down my love

All I wish is for you to feel

That your heart would seek


and feel your truly dear.

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