A Little Time Left

Do you still remember the last time we get together?

We shared thoughts, laughs, ways,  and everything,

Majority of you  then claimed the old officers to retain,

Though the  President  projected  but here, we still remain.

Through the years,  the President had been busy,

Went out of this country and worn out from running.

But still give time and  make plans  for the gathering,

Inspite of bad health,  everything he was trying.

A little time left for the schedule to arrange,

The  leaders also  has  their own things to prepare,

I told the president , “do you think we can make it?”

So sad couldn't see his face,  I'm sure it was so depressing.

A little understanding from you guys to proclaim,

A big support  then we need from you to maintain,

Give all your offer with encouraging suggestion,

To our beloved President and Leaders with consideration!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To MPCC Batch '84, High School Students.  Here is my explanation poem, as one of the Batch Officers.  Hope you'll understand the situation, why we postponed our 2007 Reunion.  

Your Batchmate,
Ms. Holt

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