Hidden Thoughts

Loneliness Poems

I don’t understand how I developed this

kind of sensation,

Absorbing my weaknesses

and doing mistakes continually.

Considering  the  unacceptable

eminence of my life,

And adopt all the unfairness  acts

for confidentiality phrase, frustratingly.

All these years my life

has been full of mystery.

With usual vanity  

behind my sweetness identity.

Blinded by my own

wicked inspirational dreams.

Constantly mystified as well

as gloomily engaged.

I give up the rest of

my  unpleasant  secrecy,

I’m loosing my hope

and worn out from folly.

I stumble and fall

and couldn’t prevail over the reality.

Wish  I could defeat

all of my faintness fantasy.

What are those ecstasies  for

but barely for my own liberty.

Releasing my wings with

obstacles bound to my journey.

When will I learn  to carry out

my wickedness  with authority.

Oh, how I wish to become numb

in a deepest sleep, everlastingly.

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