Taken Out of Man


You created me without blemish

No sin,

but everything

functioned perfectly.

There were no storms,

no famines,

and no destructions

And You did it carefully

and precisely,

You created me

in the most wonderful creation.

I believe in your creation,

The sun,

the moon,

the stars,

And You taught me

something different.

You formed a man

from the dust of the ground

And breathed into your nostrils,

“the breath of life...”

And the man

became a living being.

You took me

from the man’s ribs,

And closed up

the place with flesh.

You made me

from the rib of a man,

And brought me

to Him.

I am now

bone of his bones,

And flesh

of his flesh.

And You called me

a "Woman"!

For I was taken

out of man!

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