Roving Eye

She’s a loving friend,

sensitive, and sweet,

Indifferent  when you think,

Softly beautiful,  

Yet not that smart to compare.

Try to catch her secret gift

and soon you woildl learn and see.

Don’t turn your ears

among the blokes with abusive means

Her heart is pure

with deepest thoughts and compassions

She's not a perfect woman  

as well as difficult to understand

Convoluted to assert each imaginative

thoughts that she declared.

She concluded the ghastly ways

you’ve shown in the past

She couldn’t blame you for the mysteries

you've been witnessed from behind

She isn’t glad with burden thoughts

for the entire scenes

It’s against her heart

to protract the feat with nuisance.

Without affection,

she couldn’t fully convey her true ways

Surprisingly known the lagging behind

of the shadowing eye

Discerning the scenes completely

but she dislikes all the acts

She could barely share herself

to the one she'd only admired.

She cried quietly upon revealing her treachery ways

She recalls those thoughts you had barely exposed

Try then to realize all your past discourteous words

With comprehend acts in driving her out from other blokes.

Disgraceful thoughts within her heart to and fro

Blameworthiness adversely affects her full vanity

Discomfiture feelings and whimpers

through countless role

Ignominious reaction implies her mind

with regards for the unexpected spying eye.

Continuous howl for all the deeds

unacceptably if you can hear

Furious questions against her mind

for the length of the scouting eye

Wicked exposures encroaching out

in all her words

Profoundly in distress,

yet the loving thoughts lingers on.

She wiped out all her secret mysterious connections

Wondering how come you made her changed

in doing it so

Transformed from waywardness

and made her feel her indignity

Behind her care you made her feel

the guilt through exposures

You made her changed

over the grastly moods  

and no turning back.

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