Nothing Compares


Nothing compares.....

What a comprehensive distinction at all,

Clearly with different actions

and thoughts for sure,

An extra ordinary affection

for me to beg for.

I memorize the diggings

in times of yore,

You're so sweet

with expressive defense

from nasty trolls.


lovely outlook,

and wonderful.

I still remember the songs

you claimed it was so lovable.

I ignore those offending means

that only rooted to resentment.

I never seen nor familiar

with those sugar on your toes.

Born in a region place

but visibly haughty creatured bare.

Counseling correctly

but need to see her hideous mirror then.

All for her fears

and self-centeredness thinking.

Ignoring everything

to represent all her own desire.

Just to turn me down

and to justify her blameless will.

It wounded inside me,

I have nothing to do but ...

To close my eyes at all!

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