Let Go

Loneliness Poems

Loads of pain....
conceivably failed to intensify
the fortitude of the bond.
With much regret I cried,
burden with mysterious
strange in mind.

Yes it’s true,
I could not get away from you
and you were right.
Forcibly could be,
yet my heart could not fail
to resist comfortably.

Emotionally anguish
revealed on me callously.
Thoughts against your fictitious ways
had been wonder in various phrase.

Affections and misgivings speckled all
in mind with uncertainties.
Done with unruly ways in time
when i carry the heart's peculiar beat.

I couldn’t sleep and eat
throughout the tempestuous concern.
Weeping all through the night
with struggling heart and mind.
Opposing to unbind the affection
with thoughts discourteously.

But it occurs all over again,
again and again.....
a non stop mind setting game,
a heartbreaking game.....

The damage has been done.
My deep sorrow would only soothe
if you will STOP in doing hoax.
Walk away...

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