This Shit Ain't Funny


Dude you'll never guess what.

The funniest shit ever just happened.

A man was cleaning his gun.

The gun went off and blew his face off.

He died right in front of his 3 year old daughter...

Isn't that funny?

Oh here's another funny thing.

This gay guy was walking home.

He was minding his own business with a bunch of guys jumped him.

They beat him up pretty good.

What a laugh.

His mother cried for a week as he laid in that coma...

This shit's just not funny any more...

Oh hahahaha! Check this out.

This guy likes having sex with kids.

To funny!

His daughter died of internal injuries...

His son grows up just like him...

Who the fuck is laughing now?

Hehehe, a young man walks into his school.

Shoots up the place.

This is a riot!

Yeah someone's mother, someone's father, and many people's sons and daughters are lost forever.

Life is just some sick joke...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

1999 work

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