Little Boy

I'm just a little boy, but shes looking my way.
I'm just a little boy, but shes got her intentions.
I'm just a little boy, but she only wants a kiss...

Remind me how I got into this?

I never tried to be the main attraction.
Now shes sad and I'm the distraction.

Just a boy who met a girl,
I never imagined it to be anything more...

Now shes crushed and crossing out my name from that heart she drew on her notebook.
And writing her sad poetry,
About the boy who broke her heart,
So much for sympathy...

Your much to wise,
Why do you love me?
I'm just a little boy,
You can't rely on me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I recall my inspiration being in high school and seeing all the young immature guys swept up in relationships they completely didn't understand and all the girls maturing faster as they did, getting hurt by boys who were just too inexperienced and immature.

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