Missing you so much, you're never out of my mind

thinking how I fucked shit up, and what I left behind

Wishing that we could start over and make up

hoping we can forgive and forget the stupid shit I've done

Missing all the nights we spent talking on the phone

without you now, I feel unloved and alone

Missing the indescribable way you made me feel

missing the cute little way you used to say "good deal"

Hours we spent talking about anything and nothing at all

seems so far long into the past, it's all gone now

Trying to remember the first time you said that you cared

gathering up and listing all the similarities we shared

Memories of you sweeping through my mind

pretending not to notice the tears welling up in my eyes

trying not to feel alone, and trying not to cry

still,I really miss you, I don't have the heart to say good-bye

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written and dedicated to Robert Keith Dutka Jr. I miss you tons honey and I hope we can become friends again... if only it were just that easy... :'(

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