Verbal Storm

Smiling back at you sweetly

mumbling under my breath

I'm holding back my verbal storm

might say something I'd regret

You just look at me and punch my arm

Oh my gosh! You're such a retard!

Don't you see, you're not cool

You'll grow up to be a nothing, a loser, a fool

You're flunking out of school

You truly are pathetic!

You hit a girl!

You just hit a girl,

you'll get the praise from the whole fuckin world!!

Are you proud of that?

does that make you feel bad?

would you be proud to share that with your dad?

Do you think he'd pat you on the back?


You're a loser, a boozer, girlfriend user

Your girlfriend don't want you... she's with you cuz she's scared....

she's afraid to leave you cuz she lied and said she cared...

she says she loves you for only one reason... She don't wanna get hurt, don't want another beat'n

You got her knocked up, right now you're sweet talkin

but you and I know, when it's born, You'll be walkin

You wanna get her wrapped around your little finger

So it will hurt her more when you

fuck her, beat her, drop her and leave her

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written April, 17 2005 about Travis Jensen

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