40 days

love loss

40 days and still no word

waiting for your voice to be heard

on the 41'st day I began to cry,

began to worry and wanted to die

on the 42'nd day you got online

to say good bye to me one last time

you told me you love me and you miss me a ton

and that tomorrow was the final sentancing for what you have done

40 more days it could possibly be

I hope it's not, because I love thee

you said you'd call me when you were done serving the time

after the crime, you'd drop me a line

I'll sit and wait for that day to come

thinking only of you, till our being apart is done

I'd hope from now on, you'll keep your slate clean

so you don't have to be away from me

I love you Andrew!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is dedicated to Andrew Kammer... I love you, and I miss you like Crazyz!!

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