Perfect Love Poem


It's hard to make clear the way I feel

I don't "really" know you, but I know you're for real

You must be the one my heart's longing for

I've talked to you just once, but I need you so much more

There's just something about you, that I just can't explain

I'm so glad I found you; you're my kind of rain

I really like you, so it seems

You must be the prince charming in my dreams

I have dreams of you every night

When I talk to you, I feel alright

I can have the worst of days

I talk to you, and it becomes okay

When I'm with you, I feel so alive

I want you so bad, I want to take that dive

You mean so much to me it's hard to say

I want to be with you for all of my days

I think I love you baby, it's true

I want to be with no one other than you

I slept cuddled up with my big teddy bear

Wishing that YOU could have been there

It's hard for me to explain the way I feel

I want you so bad, to have you for real

We have to meet up, it's our destiny

I'd be there for you like a good girl should be

I can't say for sure if this feeling is love

but I think meeting you is a sign from above

It almost seems that we instantly clicked

that our minds must have been telepathically linked

This feeling I feel is so much more than lust

meeting with you is a deffinate must

I can't even put the way I feel into writing

but when I'm with you I feel like I'm flying

I know that the distance may keep us apart

but you'll always be with me deep in my heart

Your voice is so sweet, so calm and so cute

I cant help but give in, I belong to you

I sometimes wonder if you feel the same

if you think about me, or even remember my name

I wonder if you could end my pain

I've finally found you, you're my kind of rain

You're the only one to make me feel like this

My heart keeps sinking into the abyss

I still cant explain the way I feel

you make me so happy it cant be real

I think I love you, but I'm not sure

it's intoxicating with no logical cure

I dont know what I should do

about the way I feel for you

should I tell you, or should I not?

either way I know I like you a lot

I'm afraid you dont feel the same

I wish that you'd take away my pain

I want to be more than friends

but, I wouldn't risk our friendship's end

you mean far more to me than words can say

I'm not quite sure why I'm feeling this way

all I know it was love at first sight

wishing and hoping to have you every night

you are great in every way

I'm not even sure now what I'm trying to say

you've got me tounge-tied like you always do

my mind gets all jumbled when I think about you

I melt every time I see your smile

hoping and wishing to hear your voice for a while

I never stuttered so much at one time

I'm so confused I cant think of a rhyme

I cant think straight when I think of you

I wonder if that ever happens to you?

I want to know how you feel about me

or what kind of a future for us you see

I want you to let me know how you feel

becuase you're too good to be real

I need to know if you like me the same way

or if you just needed me to talk to one day

let me know what you think of this

and if you think we could ever get true love's kiss

I want to show this poem to you

but I'm afraid I'd lose you if I do

This poem may be childish, and it may be lame

but still I love you and need you just the same

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was a work of art based on 3 guys.
John Campbell, Steven Frehley, and Andrew Kammer

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