His head’s weighed down with shame

        As I walk up to the gates

Afraid to lift my chin

        And see the look upon His face

Waiting in line behind me

        Are hundreds of lost souls

Only He knows our fate

        No knowing what the future holds

Panic sets in

        As sins flash before my eyes

All my life’s iniquities

        The jealousy, the lies

The gates of hell are opened

        He points me on my way

Walking down a brimstone path

        It’s too late now, too late to pray

Pits of flame and agony

        Blazing to the skies

All feelings of security

        Are stolen by their cries

The foul smell of burning flesh

        Fills me with despair

I meet the Fallen Angel

        And acknowledge why I’m there

Had I lived a more untarnished life

        Had I kept a stronger faith

Had I lived my life for Jesus

        I too could have been saved

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predicament journal

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