Failed Attempt


Bottles only inches away

I want them now to end my pain

Take them in or push them away

That's my big descision to make

I've made my choice, is it right or wrong?

I'm about to find out, wont be living for long

I counted them once, I counted them twice...

18...19...20... oooh! That's Nice!

I popped them in and swallowed hard

Got them down, chemicals bombard

My heart speeds up and I lose control

I'm twitching now, my skin starts to crawl

The urge is there now, to cut it all away

I'm glad now that my life's ending today

Laying, convulsing on the floor

Shaking, quaking, shivering more

Hot and sweaty for a while

Cold with goosebumps on the inside

Visions whizzing through my head

hurry up meds. I wish I were dead

Completely sane and calm again

I don't think my drugs sank in

Laying there now in disbelief

That my life could ever be taken from me

Next time I know what I must do

Add more pills, then I'll be through!

I make this now my last request

May next time be my last attempt

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