The Game of Life: A Bored Game

Mental Illnesses

I’m just tired.

That’s all they know about me.

She’s a disgrace,

a waste  -  of precious time, but

I’m just tired

of hearing the judges of my life

run me around like a player on a board game.

I must not loose.

I need to try

to fight  -  but

I’m just tired

of the voices inside my head

screaming go right, go left.

Is there ever an option to stop,

or do I have to end

the game completely?

I’m too tired

to even get out of bed in the morning.

This game, board game,

it’s got boring in its name.

I’m so bored of life; I don’t even want to try.

I’m too tired

to make it to the end of the game

I forfeit! It’s over!

I’ll stop;

you finish your game.

I’m just tired.

Is the game worth the pain?