Cheryll Colleene

i've tried to reach the stars

instead i grabbed a handful of pain

every day i remember her

and every day i miss her

one life no longer here and i've been lost ever since

she was my guide, my conscience

when i lost her i lost me

somehow and i don't know how

i didn't realize how critical she was

they give birth to you

they hold you and mold you

and you work so hard to separate from them

but you always get pulled back in

and when she died i was racked with pain

even today when her time seems like another life

i cry all over again wondering so much wondering

if i could just ask her the simple questions

should i buy the green blouse or the pink one

should i make spaghetti or meatloaf tonight

yeah, it's hard to believe my baby is old enough to drive

but i'm talking in my head to the hole in my heart

where she is and isn't anymore

i don't know up from down

i get so confused

i'm not her but everyone says i am just like her

and the memories are chasing me

i can't escape her while i fight to keep her alive

it's a cirlce of grief i can't break

a bond that followed her ashes into the wind

while dragging me in the ocean below them

i miss her

it's 3 words and it hurts me worse then any pain i've tasted

i miss her

i love her

and i wish she were here

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