if i keep moving maybe i won't have to face my fears.  Or they'll run after me like dogs on the hunt. They'll find me and eat me up.

if this boredom gets anymore boring I'll pop myself off like a cap on a bottle of beer. And someday I'll be interesting or is it interested in something.

If I love you will you love me back or throw me away and never come back. And my heart will break like an egg in two halves, one before you and one after you.

if you save me I'll kiss you like I mean it.  You'll be my hero for two seconds and then I'll  slip back into my bad habits like a woman slipping on her high heels.

If life sucks me dry will you bury or burn me.  Can I count on you to grant my wishes or will you trick me like a genie in an antique bottle.

I twist the truth, do you?

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