Hollow and broken

Sweet music soothe my soul

I am alone in the middle of downtown

A million empty people swimming around me

I can't find my home

Everywhere I go I am hollow

I can't understand why I am so shallow

I don't care about anyone or anything

I just want to bury myself under the  sand of ignorance

Keep myself a thousand miles away from hurt

I want to fly past any confusion

I need to cement my doubt and build a mansion of confidence on it's foundation

Why Why Why

I just hurt so deep inside

My bones ache

My heart is breaking under the pressure

All this stress from not knowing

where do i belong

is my destiny to always be unfullfilled

if i could turn back time and remember it all

i am so damn lazy i'd continue to fall

why why why

there's never an answer

and I am so sick of asking the questions

i've traveled this path too long

i want to lay down and never get up again

when i dream i dream about nothing

when i wake up i live this nothing

i have responsibilty crushing my back

the world pounding with a sledge hammer in my head

a knife of regret twisting in my side

all i've ever done is get by

it makes me sad to see the potential i let pass me by

i've been living in cruise control

why why why

could i not step up and go that extra mile

and i know me

and i now know

there's a problem i can't resolve

i'm broken

that's why

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