The world at this Moment - My observations

Turn me around. Knock me down.  Then keep kicking me until I stop crying and your leg's tired.  Look out over the eastern horizon. What do you see? I see a big f*cking mess in the middle east.  It won't stop as easily as it was started.  I can't claim I have a solution, but I don't think Bush has one either. And I have to wonder is Bush smarter then a 5th grader?

You reap what you sow.  Any country girl like me knows bullsh*t when we see it.  And all of D.C. reeks like manure to me.  That's what I see today.  And it's the world right at this moment.  We are on a collision course with complete chaos, and no one in the admin knows how to use the brakes.  So the brave, the strong, the ones who live the war will die and be burned by thier own governement in the blistering desert sun.

Sit me down.  Show me the truth. Then explain it to me why it's only getting worse until I fall asleep and you run out of breathe.  I'm no better then any other pawn in this oil soaked game.  I can't support the cause.  I can only offer my support to those who march off to death under direct orders. Whose going to be held accountable in the end for all the blood that is staining the sand?  How will history defend today's president? Does Georgie need to take sleeping pills at night to avoid is dreaming subconscious?

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