Oh God, my god,...

My heart strains against my chest.

My beating heart is pounding too fast.

Stop beating, damn heart, stop beating,

Before you leave my chest like a shot gun blast;

Leaving a bloody hole where love used to be known.

Oh God, my god, what have I done?

I grieve her before she's even gone.

When I close my eyes I see her image.

She's dressed in a fire engine red satin gown.

She's dripping in perfect marquis diamonds.

She shines and sparkles brighter then a summer's noon day sun.

Oh God, my god, what have you done?

You went and stole her for your own.

The blackness covers my flesh like permanent marker stains a shirt.

I scrub and scour to cleans my soul.

I still carry the mark under my skin like a tatoo.

It calls out to demons in disguise.

Everyone who speaks in a hospice is full of lies.

My soul is black as coal.

Oh God, my god, what has the devil done?

He's thrown me into a pit of maddness I can't escape from.

Oh God, my god, look at me!!!

Oh God, my god, what do you see???

Oh God, my god, there's no hope for me!!!

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