D for Diligence


I opened the door and was welcomed by blood,

it's stench more overwhelming than perfume.

My nose stung, but I dared not to cover it.

For fear I would lose this fragrance.


My cold bare feet collided with a liquid

that made tears come to my eyes.

like clouds on a rainy day,

that would never go away.


Unable to see, I felt for your body

hoping it was still there.

My knees fell for you drenching them,

and like a knight, I knelt for my queen.


I ran my hand along your throat,

then touched my lips.

The sweet taste that poured from your wound,

embraced my taste buds. 


Now I remember why I was here,

and how I ran my blade across your neck.

To end a life is a new beginning, for those willing.

D for diligence, my work is finished. 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

A character I hope to develop into a book someday.

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