A Poem For My Amazing Friend Robbie

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I have a friend
Named Robbie
Who is nothing
Short of amazing
Always there
For me
Never judges me
Always knows
Just how to be
Make me smile
Hell just talking to him
Makes me incredibly happy
Unbelievably generous
For which I am
Beyond grateful
And in return
Never asks
For a thing
When asked
What he wanted
For Christmas
He said
He couldn't
Think of anything
But I couldn't
Just give him nothing
So I give him this poem

That is straight
From the heart
He has a big heart
And a beautiful soul
And for the privilage
Of having a friend
Like him
I couldn't
Be more thankful
I hope you like
This poem Robbie
Because it really is
From the heart
And I mean
Every word
With every
Fiber of my being
Should have
A friend like you

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