The Real Consequences Of Society Today

You know what
Saddens me
It is almost 2015
And we are still
As a society
Too damn
Blind to see
The reality
Of the consequences
Of our hatred
And foolish greed
Innocents dying
Millions more
Yet the everyday
Doesn't seem
To be news worthy
Because it doesn't seem
To stir up
The right amount
Of controversy
Children living
And dying
On the street
Never having
Enough to eat
The war vet
Wounded in battle
Living on
The street
Having the same

Exact problem
Because no one

Seems to be willing
Even after all
He has done
For our country
To give him
A chance
And hire him
These are the people
That go unnoticed
Mainly because
Of our insanity
And insane need
To live off
We need to re evaluate
Our lives
And what
We care about
Because as
The sun rises
This morning

More people will have died
Who we could have helped
But we never
Even tried

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