The Hypocrisy In Society

The insanity
Of the world today
That shit it just keeps
Getting to me
Police brutality
Riots ensue
People lying
Just to get ahead

3 little boys
In West Memphis dead
Three teens
And are
Finally released
But for those boys
Still no justice
Lies flying everywhere
About this
And that
So much hypocrisy
Ruling society
It's like your
Not safe
Or right
Whatever you do
And yet somehow
Those who
Fight for
What is right
Are immediately
Deemed the enemy
And people wonder
Why it seems
Like so many
Have just
Gone crazy
This is the world

We live in
And the times
They must start changing
Because all it seems
Like to me
Is it just keeps
Getting worse
And worse
And I just
Will not
Stand for it

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