Everyone Is Important

Is perfect
And it is
To expect
Anyone to be
So embrace
Your flaws
And forgive them
Not only in yourself
But in others
Nobody is normal
Normal is just
A word
That in truth
Means nothing
Because even those
Who appear to
Be normal
Have a side
To them
That they are hiding
A side that while
Is more honestly them
May not be
Technically normal
So they hide it
But should they
Is better
Than anyone else
No matter
How much power
Or how much money
Someone has
Than anyone else
At the end of the day
We all still need
The same basic things
And in the end
All our graves
Will be the same size
So those of you
Who think you
Are above anyone
Get off your
High horse
And get a clue

Is important
Not just you

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