Life Is Hope, Hope Is Life

Life is hope
And hope is life
Without one

The other
Is irrelevant
Hope is what
People going

Even when
They feel
They can't
Take anymore
Even at that point

When all seems
So lost

The slightest
Glimmer of hope
Can be just
To keep
One going
And it kills me
When I see
So full of hope
Or barely
Hanging onto it
Beaten down
By those
Who are
More than happy
To burst
Someones bubble
It isn't right
And it is incredibly
To those who

Just can't
Take it anymore
So I beg you
Be one who lifts up
And gives people hope
Instead of
One who beats down
And destroys it
Because hell
If nothing else
By being that person
You may actually
Save a life

In the process

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