Be Thankful

A world
For granted
Is not a world
Is coming
Tell me folks
What are you
Thankful for
The internet
A tv show
Or character
Your cell phone
Maybe even
Black Friday
What if you
Were one
Of those people
Who didn't have
Those things
Put yourself
In the shoes
Of others
What if you were
Too poor
To have those things
And were wondering
Where your
Next meal
Was coming from
What if you
Were working
Minnimum wage
And still couldn't
Afford to meet
Basic needs
What if you were
Homeless and
Living on the street
Or someone
By sensless war
What would you
Be thankful for then
This holiday season
I dare you
Whoever you are
Who is reading this
To do something
Good for someone
Less fortunate
Than you
And find a more
Reason to
Be thankful for

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