The Girl And The Haunted House


A girl wakes up
Lost and confused
Alone in a room
She is not
Used to
Dazed she
Gets up
And tries
The door
She is in luck
It's unlocked
She makes her way
Down the hallway
To the staircase
She hears voices
Down stairs
That give her
The shivers
But she investgates
Down the
Stairs she creeps
As the figures
Come into view
She does not
Recognize them
Yet something
In her screams
She knows them
She tiptoes
Onto the
Next step
It creaks
As up the stairs
And into the
She flees
As she hides

From the
People now
Chasing her
She realizes
The house
More and more
Familiar to her

Even the old
Look like her
She begins
To put
Two and two
As the people
Get closer
She cowers
Only to look up
At them
Gazing down on her
She can see now
They aren't people
They are spirits
And one holds
Their hand out
For her and says
Welcome home
My treasure

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