Peace Dream


Lost in an echo
Of a dream
Yearning for
A better world
For you and me
One without hate
Greed and blind
And so much
On damn conformity
Lost in a dream
That screams
To be free
While stuck
In a world
That screams
For the same thing
And really people

My dream
It's not
A new thing
It's one

That has been
Shared by many
And more than
Just a shame
It is a pity
That even now
In 2014
We still think
It is an
But please
Consider this

Maybe it is
An impossible dream
Not because it could
Never happen
But because
We believe
It never will
Belief is
A powerful thing
And society
I beg of you
For once instead
Of believing in
To hate each other
Start believing in
To help and accept
Each other
Then tell me
That my dream
Is still
An impossibility

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