Today's Horrors Tomorrows Memories

There once
Was a little girl
Who took
A look
Out at the world
And stared
In sorrow
And amazment
At all
That was
Going oh
So wrong
How could we
Treat each other
So badly
She thought
And wondered
As the very thought
Did make her shudder
How could we
Be so very blind
To what is truly right
What good is it
To fight so hard
And so very much
Day and night
Just to prove
That you are right
When doing so
Takes and
Innocent lives
Stars in the sky
And the sun
Shining bright
She says
With a cry
Please give
Me a sign
That maybe
One day
We may
Be alright
And that
One day
The horrors
Of today
Will be nothing
More than
A distant
Locked away
In the back
Of our minds


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